Yi Jie Tan

I am Yi Jie, a senior R&D Engineer at DSO National Laboratories. 

My main area of R&D focus is on the navigation and localization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) through sensor fusion in 2 main thrusts - classical global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) dependent inertial navigation systems (INS), as well as GNSS-independent techniques and methods, such as visual-inertial odometry (VIO).

I also study the lower-level details of GNSS systems, such as their signal and data properties and how GNSS receivers process these information, in order to develop more resilient and robust navigation systems. 

Concurrently, I am also the deputy systems engineer for a complex unmanned aerial system (UAS), where I drive the development and integration of all the various interdisciplinary subsystems to meet system specifications. The subsystems include but are not limited to guidance, navigation, control, mechanical, avionics, software, and datalink subsystems. 

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